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McBrien | Armistead Law Group represents clients all over the Middle Tennessee area. We are experienced in all aspects of Conservatorship litigations, including: when to file a Conservatorship, where to file a Conservatorship, and how to file a Conservatorship.

Our attorneys file Conservatorship actions and defend against them. It is not uncommon that a Conservatorship action is filed unnecessarily, and we are skilled at combatting those actions and having them dismissed. More commonly, a family member or friend is in desperate need of assistance and clients are unsure how to help. That is where our expertise will be invaluable as we help you obtain a Conservatorship and protect your loved one.

Of course that is not the end of the story. Courts require oversight into Conservatorships and we help clients stay between the lines in fulfilling their duties.

Ms. Cathryn Armistead is frequently appointed by courts in Davidson, Wilson and Rutherford counties both as the Conservator herself, and to defend against Conservatorships.  She has extensive knowledge of the law and process and is knowledgeable in the nuances of local rules and judges in the different counties.

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