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Alyssa Hoffman

Cathryn and her entire team went above and beyond in our conservatorship case what any legal team should have to do. The details of our case were extraordinarily complex and those we went up against were extremely complicated and abusive in their behaviors. Anyone else would have probably dropped the case and instead the Armistead Law Group went beyond the call of duty to make sure our case was 100% rock solid and complete to keep our sister safe. Would recommend Cathryn to anyone looking for a conservatorship attorney. Her ethics, kindness, intuition and work ethic is unmatched. Thank you Cathryn.”

Carrie Hudjera

“I would highly recommend McBrien Armistead Law Group! Cathryn Armistead is amazing at what she does! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

Paul W.

“Cathryn Armistead represented me in a divorce. I was in a mental state of defeat. Cathryn helped navigate the process and provided advice that was in my best interest. She was able to defend me from legal attacks and regularly consulted with me to keep me updated as to the next steps. She always responded to my concerns in a reasonable amount of time. Cathryn shows compassion to her clients yet stands firm to defend you. She is the perfect lawyer!”

Donna L.

“Shawn McBrien, my attorney, I want to thank you for the help, and the peace of mind you have given me as your client, in many difference circumstances, yet again. When things happen in our lives that are too large for us to handle and like of knowledge in a situation . It is wonderful when you have an attorney you know you can pick up that phone, go in set down with, go over the circumstances. He studies the situation and explains in terms I can understand. The best way I can explain is if you know something horrible is going to happen, you go over with him and he says ok, we are going to do this and this and everything will be fine. You know it will because he has handled things for you before. You know it will be done and done correctly . Mr. McBrien is real,sincere, honest, has compassion for each of his clients.He is very knowledgeable, professional, firm in solving your problem. That is who he is and what he does for his people he is representing. When you walk out that office the burden is lifted. I highly recommend the McBrien Law Group to help you when you need an attorney and a friend. I know whenever I have legal matters; in my Life I want Shawn McBrien and his Group by my side.”

Billy & Jenny M.

“We began working with Shawn in 2014 on a conservatorship. He was a great listener as we explained all that we had come to see him about, because of that first visit we decided to retain him as our lawyer in this matter. He kept us informed of all the details, with the courts and what we had to do.

Martha, his assistant was a treasure to work with. She was very patient each time I called with questions and got back to me within that day with answers.

We highly recommend Shawn if you need an attorney.”

Rhonda B.

“Cathryn Armistead saved my mother from a predator after my dad passed away. I found Cathryn. She was furious at what was happening. She got rid of him and the court awarded me executor of the will. She has helped me step by step with probate and anything mom and I needed. She was always available to us, called back almost immediately. Without Cathryn Armistead my mother would have lost everything and been left to die by the predator. Because of Cathryn my mom is living with me now and doing absolutely great. Thank you Cathryn Armistead for everything you have done for us.”

Margie G. H.

“Shawn handled the probate of a family estate for us. His guidance and his attention to details made it quite easy for me, as executor, to gather and disseminate assets in a very timely manner. His assistant, Martha, was always there to help facilitate any steps needing to be tended to and she responded to my emails immediately when I reached out with questions or concerns. The service I received from the McBrien Law Group was OUTSTANDING! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance in any family law matter!”

Chelle Z.

“Shawn and Martha have been great!! We needed someone who is down to earth and yet able to translate contracts so that we knew what we were getting and giving. Shawn has been honest and willing to take the necessary steps to protect us and our business. Definitely recommend for business contract law!!”

Peter B.

“We worked with McBrien Law Group on a very tough case that we brought to Shawn needing immediate action and decision making. Shawn moved quickly to put us in a position to protect and direct us. Shawn did a great job under constant time pressure in a case that had many twists to ensure our ultimate end result – a successful outcome.”

Jim H.

“We’ve all had experiences with (or heard stories of) attorneys that talk down to you or you’re just a number/dollar to them. Couldn’t be farther from the truth with Shawn. He’s absolutely one of the nicest, most conscientious & most thorough people I have ever dealt with, and I would unequivocally recommend him in any legal matter you might need assistance with. I’ve used him on several occasions and he has always exceeded my expectations.”

Scott S.

“Several years ago Shawn helped my mother with her estate planning. He was thoughtful and provided us great advice on taking steps to simplify the process.”

K H.

“Cathryn was more than professional handling my case. She put me at ease through the whole process and for that I am eternally grateful. Highly recommend!”

Karmen P.

“We recently moved to Nashville and needed to sort out our wills and other legal things and Cathryn was amazing. She was informative and helpful and patient in explaining everything to us. When we called she would always get back to us if she was unavailable and prompt in replying to all our email questions. We highly recommend McBrien Armistead Law Group.”

Peggy S.

“Armistead Law Group helped my family through a difficult probate. Cathryn is a pro! Thank you for everything you did in taking care of my family!”