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McBrien | Armistead Collaboration Transforms Lebanon’s Legal Landscape


Law Firm Expands Expertise to Encompass Estate Planning and Probate

WILSON COUNTY, TN – October 25, 2023 – The Middle Tennessee-based McBrien Law Group has unveiled a new chapter in its growth story. Now known as the McBrien | Armistead Law Group, this change mirrors the deepening partnership between Shawn McBrien and Cathryn Armistead, esteemed attorneys from Lebanon, TN. This development marks a significant milestone for the firm and its clientele.

Accompanying the name change are new signage and a revamped website (, underlining the firm’s commitment to empowering the residents of Lebanon, TN, with comprehensive services in estate planning, probate, and more.

“Our evolution goes beyond just a name change; it reflects our approach towards delivering customized legal services,” said Cathryn Armistead, a principal attorney at McBrien | Armistead Law Group. “Our new identity embodies our growing collaboration and unwavering dedication to assisting clients navigate complex legal issues with personalized service and transparency.”

The firm’s upgraded digital platform highlights its broad spectrum of services, including conservatorship, wills, trusts, estate planning, probate, civil litigation, mediation, elder law, and business/commercial law. The platform aims to demystify legal procedures and provide a one-stop hub for estate planning and probate information. The user-friendly design also includes a contact form for prompt communication, ensuring visitors can easily interact with the firm.

In addition to the rebranding and website launch, McBrien | Armistead Law Group has amplified its local presence with refreshed building signage. The firm is also anticipating a forthcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce to commemorate this exciting phase.

“Estate planning and probate laws can be complex and intimidating. We have a profound understanding of these processes and are committed to ensuring the well-being of your loved ones,” added Armistead. “A meticulously crafted estate plan can help avoid protracted court proceedings, saving time and reducing stress for all parties involved.”

To discover more about the firm’s new identity and services, visit the newly launched website at”

About McBrien | Armistead Law Group

McBrien | Armistead Law Group is a comprehensive law firm located at 1050 Hamilton Station Blvd., Suite 200, Lebanon, TN. With a focus across a spectrum of legal disciplines, the firm prides itself on delivering practical, straightforward legal representation tailored to each client’s unique needs and aspirations. The firm’s approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the law and an unwavering commitment to serving its clients with integrity and professionalism.

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