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What Does it Mean When a Will Is Contested?

When a will is contested, it means that someone has challenged the validity of a will.  Sometimes, multiple wills are in question, and the critical issue becomes which will is valid.  Often, in these situations, some family members may prefer one will, while others prefer another will.  

Tennessee law, codified at Tenn. Code Ann. §32-4-101 provides that “If the validity of any last will or testament, written or nuncupative, is contested, then the court having probate jurisdiction over that last will or testament must enter an order sustaining or denying the contestant’s right to contest the will.” 

If you think you will be part of a will contest in Wilson County, you need an experienced probate attorney to help guide you.  The attorneys at McBrien Armistead Law Group can assist you during this process. 

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